be PRO makeup Deluxe Powder Brush

The Deluxe Powder Brush is ultra soft for a sheer application of face powder or bronzer.Each premium-quality brush features the right blend of form and function for flawless makeup application. Handmade brushes are constructed using velvet-dyed goat hair, precise quality standards and state-of-the-art technology. Natural, kiln-dried birch hardwood handles are elegant yet comfortable, making these brushes the new must-have for makeup artists everywhere. Made in USA.

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Farnam Red Cell Pellets Iron Supplement, 4-Pound

Vitamins & Supplements
4 lbs. of Red Cell Pellets that supports normal blood cell health, essential for transporting oxygen, maintaining energy and meeting performance demands. Industry standard vitamin mineral supplement for fueling champion horses. Contains 300 mg of chelated iron per pellet, potent and reliable. Palatable yucca flavoring. Same 64 day supply as the liquid.

4 Lbs. Of Red Cell Pellets That Supports Normal Blood Cell Health
Industry Standard Vitamin Mineral Supplement
Contains 300 Mg Of Chelated Iron Per Pellet
Palatable Yucca Flavoring
Same 64 Day Supply As The Liquid